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Silicone Freezer Press Whiskey Golf Sphere Ice Ball Maker Cube Mold Makes 2.5 Inch Ice Balls

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Our Sphere Ice Mold instantly upgrades your beverage game, creating 2.5-inch ice spheres perfect for any glass. Ideal for those who appreciate the art of a perfectly chilled drink without dilution. The slow melt rate preserves your drink's integrity, making every sip as intended Your drinking experience with our Sphere Ice Mold, designed to slow the melt and keep your drinks cold longer. These large ice spheres chill faster and melt slower, keeping your beverages at the perfect temperature without watering them down. Ideal for whiskey, cocktails, or any cold beverage, our ice mold enhances taste and enjoyment, ensuring that your drink stays true to its original flavor from the first sip to the last. A simple solution for a superior drinking experience, every time. Maximize your freezer space with our Stackable Sphere Ice Mold, featuring a tight-fitting lid that locks out freezer odors and allows for easy stacking. Designed for convenience and efficiency, this mold keeps your ice taste-free and your freezer organized. The smart design ensures a snug fit for compact storage, making it easy to keep a supply of fresh, spherical ice on hand. Perfect for anyone looking to save space while enjoying clean, fresh-tasting ice whenever needed. Transform any drink into a work of art with our Sphere Ice Mold. Perfect for creating sophisticated cocktails or chilling your favorite beverages, these ice spheres add a touch of elegance to any glass. The unique shape not only looks impressive but also enhances the chilling efficiency, making it perfect for iced teas, cold brews, and more. A versatile kitchen gadget, it's an essential tool for anyone looking to elevate their beverage presentation and enjoyment, regardless of the occasion. Safety and convenience with our BPA-free Sphere Ice Mold, made from durable, food-grade materials. Customize it with an imprint of your company name, logo and more to associate your brand with a fun and unique product