KOOLGATOR Deluxe Cooling Towel

  • Dual purpose - Wear dry to wick away sweat or wear wet for instant evaporative cooling
  • Great for cooling off on a hot day or staying cool while working outside
  • Great for sporting events, working out, construction & much more!
  • Machine washable
  • Print all over in full digital color
100 $4.67 each
250 $4.42 each
500 $4.17 each
1000 $4.08 each
2500 $4.00 each
Made from a soft, lightweight, ultra-cooling fabric blend that provides rapid, long-lasting cooling without the use of chemicals. Just dip in water for instant, evaporative cooling relief. The special fabric weave allows the water to absorb into the fabric, while retaining it for cooling that lasts. Dries soft, instead of rigid and brittle like many other cooling towels on the market.

Product Size
34" W x 12" H

1.5 oz

Country of Manufacture